Hey Hey, I'm Raelyn! Most call me Rae.



Put a record on and hand me over that beer. I'm a 70s child at heart living in a twenty something body. Married to a tattoo artist, dreamer, handyman that goes by the name of Earl. Mama bird to Eliisa.

Image by Alyssa Leicht

I'm a Des Moines, Iowa based fine art, documentary wedding/elopement + lifestyle portrait photographer.  Creating, whatever it may be, is part of my soul. I'm one of those people that didn't realize what I wanted to do with my life for awhile - because I wanted to do it all. It wasn't until I was in a penske truck moving back to the US from Canada, dreams crushed.

...I asked myself "what is the one thing that I have always loved to do", that I realized my calling was sitting right in front of me.

Image by Figment Art Photography

I'm constantly seeking adventure and ready to go quicker than the snap of your fingers. This journey has lead me to cross paths with some of the most amazing people I know. From clients to collaborating with other business owners. I'm a firm believer in supporting local businesses + building each other up instead of making things a competition.


I cherish my clients wholeheartedly and most end up becoming friends. These people tend to be the adventurist type. The run barefoot in the grass with the wind flowing through your hair type.

Image by Figment Art Photography

The lounge in my t-shirt + undies cuddled up to your hunny on a Sunday type. The dig in the dirt for worms while mom is picking berries type. The lets jump on the bikes and get hitched type. I want to capture those in between moments where the kids are running around in diapers, yelling on the top of their lungs with mom + dad on the couch laughing because they know this is just part of life. Part of having kids - thankful they have each other. I want to capture the most intimate and important day of your lives as you begin a new journey together. I want to be the one that captures that very tear streaming down your face while your husband is reading his vows.  

Whether you are just getting married, welcoming a baby, or just down right deserve to have a session all about you - I WANT TO CAPTURE IT.


              FUN FACTS:

  • a love for the mountains

  • thrifting && antiquing fool

  • mother of plants

  • creator of magic

  • living full time in an RV while we build our dream home and venue

  • two little yapper dogs that go by Bentley and Mini.




i want to capture true connections.

raw emotions.

real love.