Baby William | Snuggly In Home Session | Iowa Newborn Photographer

Sam was home playing with her 9 month old and husband when she had an “off” feeling. She couldn’t really pin point what was going on. All of a sudden in the moment she was watching them playing and laughing, it hit her. She thought, “ I’m totally pregnant”. The next morning her husband left for a trip and she immediately went and purchased a pregnancy test…or 5.. Sure enough, they were positive!

Before Derek returned home from his business trip, Sam had an idea of decorating a small sign placed inside a decorated box along with the positive test that she put in the future nursery room saying, “ Welcome home daddy of two, we missed you!”

When it came to finding out the gender they decided it was best celebrating between them three ( or four I should say). They recorded a video of Derek shooting a weight with a bow and arrow which dropped and pulled a pin. The smoke grenade shot off with the color blue. Sweet little baby William was announced to the world. They chose his name because they loved how traditional and old fashion it is. His middle name, Eric, is named after Sam’s father.

Little William Eric was brought into this world on January 15th at the downtown Des Moines Mercy Hospital. Both Derek and Sam had their own feelings when they first held William, and looked into his eyes. Sam - “ Immediately I first thought about how much I loved him already. I was so excited to finally meet him and he was actually here in my arms. Derek -” My first thought came after looking directly at my wife and saying, I’m so proud of you. Next, I thought how perfect he was, and I couldn’t wait for our lives as a new family of four to begin.”

I arrived to do their in home newborn session at their newly, moved into, beautiful, home. This time I was greeted by little Freddy, walking and running all over the place. He wanted to be right up in my camera and it didn’t bother me one bit. It means a lot to me when I get to come back and see my little clients again. I get to play and be in their world for a little bit! I whole-heartily believe it’s so important to find a photographer that connects with you and your family to be able to capture those heartfelt moments. William was finishing up a nursing session before we began. Newborn sessions are always about waiting and following the little one’s lead. I was lucky enough to have William open his eyes and be alert during his session. Freddy held out too and was such a good helper. Of course he was interested in pressing all my camera buttons, but that is to be expected. Having a child of my own helps understand how little ones work. Thank you Sam and Derek for inviting me into your home to document your sweet family again.

Check out a few of my favorites from their snuggly in-home session.