Corinne + Jeff | Lilac and Lake side | Intimate Engagement | Iowa Couples Photographer

Immediately when you meet these two, you can feel their intense love for each-other. The kind that has them breathing in every ounce of each other’s air and hands that can’t resist the other.

Our session started out with gloomy skies but ended with a sunset chase to the lake. That beautiful, warm sun made it’s appearance just for a few moments. BUT it was all we needed. The oh so yummy smell of lilacs were the scent of the evening and I couldn’t complain. The lilacs were a beautiful little element to have apart of the session as a tribute to Jeff’s mother whom absolutely loves them. I was happy the crazy weather we’ve had didn’t kill them off before our shoot! Can they please last for all of summer?!

I remember when I first entered this profession, all I wanted to shoot in was gloomy/overcast skies. The EASY lighting as I would say. That soft lighting is always stunning but anymore I am always seeking the challenge. The shadows and harsh light. I love when I get to have the best of both worlds in a session which ended up happening for these two. We almost didn’t decide on another location but I knew that the sun was waiting to make an appearance before it tucked itself to sleep. The cool tones of the water mixed with the warmth of the sun turned out to be some of my favorite shots of the eve.

If you are looking for someone to capture your undoubtedly, intense, love between you and your partner - I would love to be that person to document it.