Hi, I am Raelyn.

Most call me Rae. I am a Iowa based poetic wedding + lifestyle photographer. I wound up in love with a jack of all trades that goes by the name of Earl. I am a mother to one fearless little girl, one feisty cat, one lap dog, and a million plants.

I find inspiration through the sound of trees whispering and flowers that open themselves up for the sun, day after day. Paying attention to the smaller details of everyday connections of people and nature are what I seek out. I am drawn to figuring out the very things that make us different. The little quirks we ALL do.

When you invite me into your space, to document moments in your life, I will show up as a friend. -Hang out, be silly, be dorky, listen, and observe. My goal is to show you beautiful moments of your life through an outsiders perspective but also to create an experience you will cherish.

I would love to tag along to the berry patch so I can document those tiny blue stained hands that are holding onto yours. Or kick off your shoes, feel the grass between your toes while having a dance party with your lover in the woods. Maybe a big wedding isn't your thang, so let's hit the motorcycles! Feel the wind in our hair, stop to get hitched, then pop some quarters in that hole in the wall bar jut-box for the first dance. Ordinary moments of love in all forms are always worth documenting. Worth more than words. You never need a significant day to create poetic images.


Photo by Ashley Hinners Photography



“I was nervous because I was going to have to breastfeed while someone took pictures. But Raelyn is very comfortable to work with and made me feel so empowered! I left that session feeling beautiful and proud of myself. Those pictures hold a very special part in my heart and I plan to do a session with my second son as well. I recommend Raelyn to everyone. And I so regret not hiring her for my wedding. She is worth every penny!”