Adrian + Charley Chase The Sunset During A Dreamy Engagement Session

When Adrian and Charley first came to me about photograph their engagement ( AND WEDDING), I was extremely excited because first of all look at them….second, Adrian is also a local photographer so I knew they would be down to have fun with non traditional sort of photos. WHICH don’t get me wrong also gets me all nervous cause YA’LL - photographing another photographer can just be nerve-racking sometimes. I love it though because I also get a chance to talk about nerdy camera stuff with someone who gets it.

We first started at Iris Aisle in Winterset, a new up and coming dreamy event location that is full of cedar and pine trees! I was dead set on finding some new spots so after we wandered around there we found a giant field of tall grass that glistened in the sunset light. Shout out to a good friend of mine (ASHLEY) that pointed me to this spot. They were up for an adventure so we got lost in the trees and wandered down by the river. I sorta freaked out when I thought I saw a snake. HAHA. It was all good though cause it was most definitely a frog head poking out between the big cracks in the mud. - at least that’s what I’m going with. The sunset was GOLD this evening so we got back in the car and just drove around chasing it south of Clark Tower Rd. looking for ideal spots to stop. I’m all about picking spots out ahead of time but sometimes it’s just nice to go with the flow, get lost, and see where we will end up.

I loved photographing these two and I am so excited to photograph them again this summer. If you are into getting lost, and non traditional portraits - you know where to find me!