Started from one phone call to the Dentist and the rest was history.

Becca and Brian started dating back in the heat of July of 2015 and it all started at the Dentist. Thanks to Brian's mama for placing that bug in both their ears since she worked along side Becca as dental assistants. One day Brian and his two kids had appointments and Brian had called the office to reschedule the appointments. As fate would have it, Becca just happened to be the one who answered to reschedule. He had made the appointments for a day when she wasn't working. Before they hung up the phone Brian said "see you then" and so Becca replied "oh, well...I wont be here that day actually." and Brian, being flirty but causal said back, "oh, well next time make my appointment for when you are there." Becca's heart raced and she had butterflies in her stomach. So she made the decision to save his cell number and later texted him that day. He knew exactly who it was immediately and they haven't stopped texting everyday since! HOW FREAKING PRECIOUS IS THAT?! Have ya'll made your dentist appointment lately? ;)

Fast forward to June of 2019 when Brian popped the question. They were on a Family vacation that included Brian's Grandma, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother in law, Nephews, and both of their kids. They went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where they stayed in a huge log cabin in the Smokey Mountains. The Cabin had three floors and every floor had a wrap around porch with balconies on the back of the cabin that over looked the mountain top. Does that not sound dreamy or what?!

The night before they were leaving to head back home, it was a full moon. The weather was perfect and the sky was so clear. With a beer in hand, Becca was enjoying the sounds of nature all around her. Thinking back on life and everything that had led her to that very moment. Brian's oldest boy, Cain, came outside and said "Becca, Dad wants you", she said "Where is he?" She was lost in the beauty and stillness out amongst all those trees that she wasn't paying attention to anything else around her. Brian was doing the same things on the top floor balcony and had fetched Cain to tell Becca to come up and see the very top view. She made her way toward the top balcony and noticed how the moon seemed even brighter from up there. The third floor was more of a balcony rather than a wrap around porch. Becca went out on to the balcony to see what Brian wanted. Once again her breath was swept away by the incredible view. She walked over to the railing. As she leaned over the railing to take in the moment, Brian had moved from behind her to the right side. Softly he said, "Babe". When she looked over he was on one knee with a ring box in his hands. He said, "Babe, I love you so much. Will you marry me?" She said, without a skip in the beat, "omg, YES!" In that moment, just as she thought it was nothing but them up there - they could hear the screams from all the kids jumping up and down on the inside of the giant glass windows. What an amazingly perfect moment to be surrounded by such beauty and with their loved ones to witness.

Brian and Becca are such a fun loving couple. Playful but yet so intimate. These are the exact things Becca wanted me to capture when she reached out for an engagement session. I'm so thrilled she chose me to document this part in their journey. In a few more months I'll be able to document them sealing the deal with a magical view of fireworks instead too!

Nothing better than roaming around small town Winterset for their session snacking on ice cream from Frostee's, popcorn at the Iowa Theater, then going for a dip at Pammel Park.