Ivy and Paul got married at the lovely Cowles Library /Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, in March. It was a wonderful, simple, wedding.

The couple met at work and have been together for 7.5 years. They are just the loveliest people. Being around them automatically fills the room with great energy! They are willing to make light of any situation. Find the fun and laugh a whole lot. One of the biggest things that stood out to me about them is how much they put themselves into all their relationships. The stories that were told by loved ones on this day were so heartfelt and so real - you can tell their relationships with others mean so much to both of them.

The excitement before the wedding

Ivy got ready in the very quite side of the library. Surrounded by rows of book shelves and a few giant arched windows. Her mother and sister helped her into your dress, and there was such a happy relaxed vibe. She wore a long flowy dress with a top full of beading + lace from Bridal Boutique, and looked so incredible. The bride then walked down the hall to hide amongst the books while we waited for her groom on the opposite side of the shelves for their first touch......and by waiting they chatted amongst each other through old walkie talkies! Brilliant idea, right?!

Paul made his way down the row of books and you could feel their excitement - wanting to see each other, to hold each other, to wipe each other’s tears of joy. Like a built up ball of energy, it ⁣rolled down their arms to meet at their fingertips. -Shutting off the world around them just to light up their two souls. Alone in this library full of books. They exchanged gifts and then went on their way to wait for their very first look while seeing each other at the ceremony.

The vows

The ceremony took place inside the reading room  of the Cowles Library at Drake University. The ceremony area was a lovely room, which was so simple and so elegant, with the added books that surrounded them and the big arched windows that lined one side. The structure of their ceremony was so beautifully thought out. They decided on having each of their very close friends talk about 6 pillars which represented cement blocks of their marriage, the things that they build everything else around, the guiding principles. The six pillars were curiosity, friendship, laughter, family, along with love and faith. Curiosity blossomed out of the idea that both of them want to continue to learn about not only each other, but the rest of the world around them. Ivy + Paul believe laughter is one of the crucial elements to a full-bodied existence. Finding the laughter in everyday life is what can bring you out of darkness. They treasure their friendships and find it necessary to live a well-rounded life. In that moment they became each other's family, but each of their individual families and the concept of family is imperative. And finally, faith. Faith that things will work out. Faith that they aren't living purposeless lives. Faith in each other.

After going through their six pillars they then read heartfelt vows to each other. Did I mention a lot of happy tears and laughter went on through this whole ceremony?!

The party

After dinner, more guests arrived just in time to enjoy the dessert table filled with cookies, bars, etc. all handmade by their moms and aunts! I should probably ask Earl how many different ones he tried out (haha) That guy and his sweet tooth.

We headed into toasts which I'm sure you can imagine how lovely those were just by what we experienced during the ceremony. THE SWEETEST SPEECHES. Earl pointed out that his favorite speech was the one Paul's brother gave. He touched base about how being 7 years apart didn't stop them from driving each other crazy but also spending some of the best memories together. - because no matter what Paul was someone he always looked up to.

The DJ kept the party going all night. There aint no party like a glow stick party. I'm not talking about just a couple glow sticks here and there either. There were PLENTY to go around twice maybe three times haha! The guests really enjoyed them! One moment they are wearing them on their heads, next they are trying to connect as many glow stick necklaces together as they can! It was so much fun! Did I mention they all got down on the dance floor? Hardly anyone was left off the floor. THESE PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO DANCE or at-least have a good time. I really loved the fake air guitar contest too! All and all this was a great wedding to kick off our 2020 year! Thank you for having us Ivy + Paul!

The couple says that if you’re planning your wedding, the biggest piece of advice they could give you is: "People are going to have a lot of opinions about how you do things. Stick to your guns with the things that are important to you, but be open to ideas about things you care less about."


Dress: Bridal Boutique

Suit: Fine Line Custom Attire

Rings: Josephs

Flowers: Out of Box Productions

Catering + Reception: Wakonda Club

Cake : Simon's

Venue: Cowles Library

DJ: Complete Weddings

Hair/ Makeup: Bombshell Hair