Getting time to just relax and spend time with our best friends and each other was something we hear few people say about their wedding day, and that was what most of our day was.

More and more I come across couples saying goodbye to a big glamorous wedding day and picking just a few close friends to celebrate with. Spending more time relaxing, wondering around, and grabbing a few drinks on their special day. I'm not complaining one bit. I thoroughly enjoy getting more one on one time with my couples. Even the excitement of let's just go find something to do.... maybe that's a favorite park, a bar, an arcade, grabbing donuts, playing at a thrift store, WHATEVER.

Mary + Kristof met online ( shout out to EHarmony! )and met face to face 8 months later! How freaking awesome is that?! When Mary reached out to me I couldn't believe the immediate similarities we had. For instance she lives in a very small town in IA that my mother's side of the family is from and no one typically knows where it's at on the map haha.. Kristof.....DANISH. Which heyyyy I still have family that lives in Denmark too.

Besides those similarities that we found out about each other later, they seeked me out to document their elopement in an artful way. So after the Polk County Courthouse we roamed on over to one of my favorite bars, The Republic on Grand, had some fun at Raygun ( note the shirt they picked out), and ended our day at the Iowa Capitol.

Looking to have a super chill day to hang with the ones that matter most while you tie the knot?! Hit a girl up!

Dress: BHLDN

Tux: Dressmann

Rings: Glamira and Holstroms Jewelry

Hair: Emily Baker at Elements Salon

Makeup: Herself + Best Friend Savannah Valley

Flowers: Hyvee Floral