Rachel and Sibo first contacted me about photographing their engagement photos. After meeting with Rachel in person and talking like we have been friends forever, I was super excited about photographing them. We ended up having to reschedule our session due to Iowa’s weather and me getting sick. As the new date crept closer and we kept in touch we eventually started talking about a crazy idea of them just eloping and then them celebrating with friends and family later in Florida. Wedding days come with a lot of extra stress, mentally and financially and sometimes that can just get in the way of what the day truly is about. I wanted to capture their love and I was more than willing to help make this intimate elopement happen. You see, there is no right or wrong in the wedding world. Your day is YOUR day. Nobody else’s.

Thus, the elopement was now the plan and they would do so out at Ledges State Park surrounded by all the beautiful nature and cliffs. It would be magical. Well, as Iowa weather would have it - rain was in the forecast ALL DAY, ALL WEEKEND. Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook we were connected with Rachel Vaughan with the Salisbury House and were given the opportunity to have the elopement there.

A completely different feel from what we originally planned but it turned out so beautiful. I love the challenge of different lighting and I knew from previous weddings, that I would have that at the Salisbury House. I’m a lover of moody, darker images so it all fell into place. Of course I wish I could just spend a whole day there wandering around!

Everything about the day was in the moment. There were no real plans. We arrived and planned it all out on the spot. Rachel picked up flowers from Gateway Market the day of and her mama brought some beautiful family heirloom pieces for her to wear. Rachel’s mother walked her down the aisle and her father married them. Surrounded by their parent’s they shared their heartfelt vows and said “I do”. We captured love. True, real love - everything else just fell into place.

Check out some of my favorite shots from their intimate, moody elopement.