Self Love Retreat Guide

So now you're what?

Let's get you familiar with what the retreat will entail!

Saturday: Retreat opens at 8:30am

  • Get pampered by our hair and makeup team. They will highlight your features with light makeup application and hair touch ups while pampering you with either a hand massage, cold eye treatment, scalp massage, or shoulder massage.
  • Photo sessions ( with your registered time slot) with Raelyn Ramey in your ShopArq Undies + Top in front of a styled vignette inside the conservatory + a collective group art photo.
  • Between this time we'll have ways you can connect + get familiar with your surroundings + other guests.
  • Enjoy a light and yummy lunch + juice from Nourished. You are welcome to bring along any extra snacks or drinks you may need/want.
  • Celeste will be leading you in a in a one-of-a-kind experience where we will get clear on your desires and then tap into the magic of your body and your sensuality to super charge your dreams and bring them into your reality. 
  • Give yourself space to relax or schedule an additional one on one ( pricing separate) Reiki, Acupressure or Mini Vedic Astrology Readings
  • Shake out any stuck energy in a Silent Disco Ecstatic Dance with Haley! The headphones give you the freedom to dance wherever you want in the woods (they have a 300 yard radius!). Connect with your body, release emotion, energy and anything that isn’t serving you with a fiery, fun, beat driven playlist to invoke states of joy, bliss and ecstasy. Ecstatic dance has minimal instruction but gives you total freedom to move your body however you feel called. 
  • We'll come together for a magical, elevated dinner in the woods that includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert From Cheffery.
  • Melodie will be creating a sound bath to end our evening centered around the sacral chakra, heart chakra and the throat chakra. To help call in the energy of creation, sensuality, love, compassion, and truth. The sound bath will help you to integrate the work from the entire day, and send you into a state of bliss before we head off to enjoy the evening under the stars.
  • We'll retreat back to our campsite for some rest or hang by the fire while we howl at the moon


  • On Sunday morning, you’ll be invited to participate in a blissful breathwork journey designed to bring you deeply into your heart and integrate the wisdom and love you have experienced during the retreat. Haley will take you beyond the senses so you can make contact with the universal source of love - invoking feelings of transcendence, bliss, and self-love. No experience necessary, Haley creates a safe and supportive container for you to explore your inner world using your breath as the guide. **Not for pregnancy 
  • Enjoy a provided smoothie bowl for breakfas from Evolvet. A coffee cart will arrive ( separate fee) with yummy lattes.
  • Filter out slowly as we take in the weekend.

Retreat ends by noon Sunday but you may leave before then.


  • Tent + Sleeping means. You may sleep in the conservatory if you do not have a tent.
  • We have two showers in the conservatory. Bring towels + shower supplies if you would like to use them on Sunday.
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Yoga Mat
  • Comfy shoes
  • comfy loose clothing ( or yoga clothing) for sound bath + breath work
  • Cushion / blankets / pillows for sleeping + sound bath
  • Foundation already on for your photo session
  • If you plan on adding an astrology reading make sure to know your date, exact time, and location of birth

A Letter From Raelyn:

Here's the deal : These photo sessions are designed for you to walk away feeling great about YOU no matter where you are at in your Self Love journey. We all have our things we don't necessary love about ourselves but my goal is to give you a different perspective on what you may see as a flaw. These bodies have a story to tell! Starting the day with the photo sessions will help set our intentions for the retreat. I'll send along some helpful tips + tricks soon to help you prepare to show up ready.


-You will get the following emails from us leading up to your retreat ( be on the look out)

  • undies/ tops to choose
  • all things food + things to bring along
  • Get personal with each of our leaders
  • Preparation week of