September 10-11th 2022

What's the Gist?

A camping event either in your own tent or inside the stunning all glass conservatory with a one night stay where you will arrive Saturday morning and leave Sunday around noon. A one full day event nurturing our mind, body, and soul surrounded by woods and a whimsical conservatory at Iris Aisle in Winterset, Iowa.

-$300 non refundable retainer fee to reserve your spot
-Rest is due 30 days before retreat. Make as many payments leading up to the 30 days.
-bring your own tent or sleep in the conservatory

Is That It?


  • Saturday will be filled with complimentary individual mini photo sessions with provided hair and makeup touchups that highlight your natural features, and a collective art project.
  • Each participant will receive functional + beautiful organic cotton base top + undies from Shop Arq to wear for your session AND all day if you choose.
  • Celeste will guide you through an immersive embodiment experience followed by journaling and integration
  • Haley is holding space for ecstatic dance + breathwork.
  • Melodie is creating some beautiful energy with an evening sound bath.
  • We'll provide a light lunch + fresh Juice, an elevated dinner experience in the woods, and a light breakfast on Sunday.

We'll create space for you to unwind, explore, and get in tuned with your mind, body, and soul all while immersing ourselves in the surrounded nature.

ALL FOR $800 + TAX


5 years ago I set out on a mission to do away with the term boudoir. Like an invitation to seek out what beauty truly means in a world so quick to judge, so quick to take, that leaves us soul-less. On a journey of my own Self Love, I fell into a place that opened my senses to the world around me. I now wake to hear the birds sing to me in the morning, I run out toward the rain to dance, I sit quietly while listening to the whispers of the trees. Most importantly I'm giving myself love. Letting nature fuel my fire. Thus, bringing the world of Self Love Sessions a new breath of air.

5 years ago I set out on a mission to help others and along the way I helped myself. 2022 is the year we bring you the retreat. What better place to fall in love with yourself ( witness it with others too) than surrounded by nature and inside a beautiful all glass conservatory?! Our goal is to really dive deep into each person and figure out what part of this journey you are on, what you will take with you, and what you will leave behind.


Raelyn Ramey

Raelyn is drawn to the way nature intertwines with all life. Much like our own souls and bodies the very blossom out your door opens again and again. Yearning to be seen; to be loved. I will photograph you in a way that reflects the beauty you carry so that we can celebrate life...OUR LIFE in true, pure form.

Emily Powell

Emily has been our set designer+stylist for the past 5 years and loves seeing our event evolve with each year! Emily is inspired by organic design + natural elements. She’s so excited for the retreat aspect this year and to really dive in and get to know everyone as well as relax and meditate surrounded by the beauty that is Iris Aisle! Emily has 10 years of styling (home, event + wardrobe), photoshoot production, and sometimes makes things at

Jacob Zauche

Jacob knows beauty comes from nature and caring for others. It's that care that is the foundation of his 10 years in the industry. Jacob's make up experience ranges from natural to Bridal. A three-time Self Love participant, Jacob enjoys concentrating on enhancing natural beauty to highlight each person's unique canvas.

Hannah Arant

Hannah has been involved with the self love event for a few years. She's ecstatic to be a part of the retreat this year and to get to know everyone! Her favorite part of being a part of this and any creative event, but this one in particular, is to see the confidence and glow that each and every person gets after not only getting their hair and makeup done, but being in an empowering space where you feel comfortable!

This year, She'll be helping you relax, enjoy the moment and bring out your inner beauty by styling your hair and helping you to feel like the beautiful badass you are! 

You can usually find her at Trixies Salon Uptown location, doing hair behind the chair and also helping to lead and educate their team. 

Haley Niichel

Haley is a Certified Spiritual Coach and 500hr RYT specializing in Vedic astrology, meditation, breathwork and kundalini kriya practices. She has been a practitioner of yoga for almost 8 years and a dedicated meditation practitioner for 4. In 2019, Haley quit drinking alcohol, quit her conventional corporate job, and traveled to India for a life-changing yoga training. Since then, she has been sharing practices and techniques in many different settings including meditation initiations, Vedic astrology readings, breathwork + kriya journeys, ecstatic dance and spiritual coaching. She is rooted in authenticity, sharing ancient wisdom and practices in a modern way, in unique settings, and enjoys co-creating with other facilitators. In her free time, she loves hiking, traveling and spending time with her 13-year old.

Melodie Polansky

Melodie is an Energy Alchemist, using Violet Flame Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, and Empowerment Coaching to help support you in your self-care journey. It is her goal to work with men and women to help them connect to their deepest and most authentic versions of themselves. Creating a safe place to release and let go of the things that are not serving you or are holding you back. The core of her focus is to work on the root of the wounds to create a more harmonious emotional and physical state of existing. Throughout her 18 years of experience in the world of energy work she have picked up some wonderful resources and tools to help assist you

Celeste Rose

Celeste left her career in corporate America as a Sales Leader and Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)™ in 2019 to follow her passion of helping women love themselves and their bodies so they can confident and empowered in their leadership. She became a certified Body Confidence and Wellbeing Coach™ in 2020 and is currently finishing her certification in Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. 

Celeste's coaching methodology, through her work at the Sensual Leadership Academy, is based on the deep wisdom of Tantra and scientifically proven methods of transformation to help women fully thrive in life, love, and business.

Kristin Mainprize

You know those people who work in corporate but fangirl for all the amazing local female owned small businesses? Yeah… that’s me. I’m Kris Mainprize, corporate cat herder aka project manager and consultant by day. Fan girl by night trying to use my strategy and planning super powers for good in our community. There is nothing that gets me more excited than the opportunity to make dreams come to life and creating space for women to find deeper love for themselves like this retreat.